Steps for Change - A Human Rights Action Guide for Health Workers - 2012

Steps for Change - A Human Rights Action Guide for Health Workers (2012) is a straightforward tool to move from human rights analysis to action. This guide explains the interrelation between health-care and human rights and contains a set of practical steps.

Follow the simple steps in this guide to frame health-care problems in your facility or country as human rights issues and identify opportunities for action!

The guide is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Georgian and Russian. The Steps for Change Templates file (below) contains hand-outs for training and workshop participants. These templates can be used to complete the five steps for change set out in Section II of the guide. Unfortunately, they are only available in English.

Please contact us if your organization would be willing to translate the guide and/or the template in other languages!


front_steps_for_change_en front_steps_for_change_template  
English version (1.2 mb) Template English version (400 kb)  
steps for change Portuguese version steps for change Georgian version front_steps_for_change_fr
Portuguese version (900 kb) Georgian version (2.7 mb) French version (1.0 mb)
front_steps_for_change_ru steps for change Spanish  
Russian version (1.3 mb) Spanish version (974 kb)  

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