Call for abstracts on climate change, human rights and public health

conferenceThe Human Rights Forum of the American Public Health Association (APHA) seeks abstracts for the APHA’s Annual Meeting occurring November 4th – 8th in Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the Forum is to advance the idea that human rights are an essential part of public health. The theme for this year’s Annual Meeting is climate change.

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Syria: 2016 was the most dangerous year for health workers

arrestThe Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) has released a new report on the health situation in Syria. Titled The Failure of UN Security Council Resolution 2286 in Preventing Attacks on Healthcare in Syria, this report documents 172 attacks on medical facilities and personnel from June through December 2016, using first-hand testimony and photo documentation from physicians and health workers in Syria. 

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Call for papers: Right to health of Romani populations

sterilisation2The Health and Human Rights Journal is calling for papers for a special section titled 'Romani Global Diaspora: Implementation of the Right to Health' to be published in December 2017. Papers must be submitted by 28 February. This special section aims to examine the implementation of the right to health in the case of Romani ('gypsy') populations across the globe. It will draw attention to ongoing discrimination against the Roma and Roma-related groups in relation to the realization of the right to health.

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Netherlands: Doctors support lawsuit against tobacco companies

legalDutch doctors will help pay for a criminal case being brought against four tobacco companies that are active in the Netherlands. The association behind the production of the Dutch Journal of Medicine (NTvG) is providing financial support to the lawsuit. 

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Universal Health Coverage and Human Rights

protestLast week, a few days before Universal Health Coverage Day (12 December), the Health and Human Rights Journal published a special section on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Human Rights. In the editorial, guest editor Audrey Chapman explains why UHC can be termed "a practical expression of the right to health" and why it is important to safeguard the inclusion of marginalized population groups. "Simply expanding health coverage, especially if it continues to exclude poor and vulnerable communities, is not sufficient from a human rights perspective," she wrote. 

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Latest News

  • UK: Discriminatory National Health System policies

    protestLast week, thousands of NHS (National Health System) workers and activists marched in the cities of London, Newcastle and Manchester to protest against a health policy that has left migrants too scared to access care.  The government’s so-called ‘hostile environment’ policy has been described as discriminatory and inhumane.

  • Ghana: Ban shackling and invest in mental health services

    complicityThe government of Ghana should ensure adequate funding for mental health services in the country, a coalition of Ghanaian and international nongovernmental groups said. This is as a crucial step to eliminating the widespread practice of shackling and other abuses against people with psychosocial disabilities. The coalition includes several mental health and human rights organizations in Ghana, Human Rights Watch, CBM, Disability Rights Advocacy Fund, Anti-Torture Initiative, and the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez.