Individual membership


Until mid-2010, IFHHRO membership was only open to organisations.

However, over the years, many individual health workers have shown their interest in becoming involved. We value their interest and we would like to offer these individuals the possibility of joining our global network.

Get connected

  • Are you a health professional engaged in human rights work?
  • Do you advocate health and human rights?
  • Do you share the vision and goals of IFHHRO?
  • Are you politically independent and free from any commercial or other conflicting interest?

Your benefits

  • Become a partner in a leading global alliance of health and human rights organisations
  • Profit from the expertise of health professionals in your region and worldwide
  • Get inspired by grassroots activists, scholars, nurses and physicians


The first year of membership will be free of charge for individual members. At the end of this year we would like to evaluate our cooperation and see how we can continue it in the best possible way. A small membership fee might be asked in the future.

If you are a dedicated health worker and would like to become involved in our global health and human rights network, please contact us for more information about the application procedure. If your organisation is focusing on health and human rights, or the right to health, you may consider organisational membership.


Please note that our organisation is presently being restructured. Due to reduced funding capacity, IFHHRO will change into a web-based virtual community, with online groups working on different health and human rights issues. This change still needs to be effectuated.

Latest News

  • Health professionals unethical involvement in CIA torture programme

    complicityAccording to a new report released today by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), recently declassified documents confirm that the CIA conducted experimental research to test an unsupported hypothesis that torture could break the resistance of detainees and aid interrogation. It confirms that health workers were involved in illegal and unethical experiments to define the thresholds of pain and suffering of the torture subjects.

  • USA: Drug courts fail to provide adequeate treatment to drug users

    drugaddictionIn the report Neither Justice nor Treatment, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) states that drug courts in the United States struggle to meet medical and human rights standards. According to the researchers, drug courts – designed to reduce incarceration and provide necessary treatment – routinely fail to provide adequate, medically-sound treatment for substance use disorders.