Physicians for Human Rights - USA

General Information
Physicians for Human Rights mobilizes health professionals to advance health, dignity and justice and promotes the right to health for all. Harnessing the specialized skills, rigor, and passion of doctors, nurses, public health specialists and scientists, PHR investigates human rights abuses and works to stop them.

Focus Areas
Campaign Against Torture/Campaign For Accountability; Asylum Program; Immigration Detention; International Forensic Program; Emergency Response (recent investigations in Zimbabwe and Burma); Sexual & Gender-based Violence; Colleagues at Risk; PHR Student Program (formation of PHR Chapters at medical schools across the US)

Main Activities
PHR conducts investigations and publishes their findings. Staff educate through press and news releases and advocate for change through advocacy and education at top levels in government.

Contact Information
Adress: Physicians for Human Rights , 2 Arrow Street, Suite 301, USA
Telephone: +1 617 301 4200
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Latest News

  • Unfulfilled healthcare needs of migrant women care workers

    careOn November 21, a high-level panel at a meeting convened in Geneva will discuss a new WHO report entitled "Women on the Move: Migration, care work and health". Available data shows that a substantial and growing proportion of care work is being undertaken by migrants, the majority of whom are women. In Italy for instance, nearly 90% of home-based caregivers are foreign born. In this report, the World Health Organization (WHO) calls attention "to a global situation in which migrant women care workers buttress health systems in countries where there are shortfalls in healthcare provision, while their own right to health is eroded and their health care needs go unfulfilled." 

  • Why is adolescents’ health a human rights issue?

    ifhhroAdolescents face a myriad of threats to their right to health including violence, sexual assault, exploitation, trafficking, and harmful traditional practices. At the same time, they face multiple barriers to health services, including restrictive laws, unavailability of contraception or safe abortions; failure to ensure privacy and confidentiality; judgemental service provision, and discrimination. Our volunteer Tara Ornstein wrote an article about adolescents’ right to health for our website, explaining what the issues are and what health professionals can do to safeguard adolescents’ health and rights.