Physicians for Social Justice

General Information
Physicians for Social Justice (PSJ) is a non-profit organisation based in Niger State, Nigeria. Its mission is to advance community health, human rights and sustainable development in Nigeria's rural communities. The NGO focuses on community-based health care, child health, HIV/AIDS, reproductive rights, gender justice, and health and human rights advocacy.

Focus Areas
Community health, Reproductive Health & Rights, Maternal & Child Health, Gender Justice and Human Rights

Main Activities

  • State level advocacy for adoption of health policies based on the fundamentals of inclusiveness, equity and human rights.
  • Grassroots advocacy and dialogue with local community stakeholders aimed at empowering citizens to demand accountability in public health spending from the duty bearers (local and national governments).
  • Advocacy and training for health workers on the concept of the right to health and its applications.

Contact Information
Address: Suit 1, First Floor Bokani House (Along Kontagora –Minna Road) Kontagora, Niger State, Nigeria.
Telephone: +234 7087798514
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Latest News

  • Adolescents' access to sexual and reproductive health and rights

    mum babyA new publication of the Centre for Reproductive Rights analyses young people's access to sexual and reproductive health from a human rights perspective. It concludes that significant gaps remain in adolescents' knowledge about their sexual and reproductive health and rights and ability to access essential sexual and reproductive health services.

  • Brazil: Gaps in response to Zika virus outbreak

    mum babyIn a recent Human Rights Watch report, the organization states that Brazil has not addressed longstanding human rights problems that allowed the Zika virus outbreak to escalate. As a result, the Zika threat in Brazil remains, even though the government declared an end to the national public health emergency related to the Zika virus in May 2017.