Norwegian Medical Association (NMA)

General Information
The Association (NMA) holds the position both as a professional association and as a trade union for Norwegian physicians.

The main aims of the Association are to secure the professional, social and financial interests of our members. We strive to have a high professional, scientific and academic standard in medical education, both at the universities and in the continuing medical educational activities.The Association also search to be an active part in the development of the health care system in Norway.

Approximately 97 % of the physicians in Norway are members of the NMA. Persons with a medical degree or who are studying medicine, can apply for membership in  the Association. Applications shall be sent to the Secretariat, with a statement that the applicant accepts the bye-laws and other rules of the Association (legge inn lenke – lovene er oversatt til engelsk).

Members are registered in divisions according to their occupation and they also have to become a part of the local branch. Approved specialists are registered in medical societies according to their specialisation. Membership has been compulsory since 2007. For information regarding membership-fee, see our website.(lenke til siden – foreløpig på norsk)The Association’s activities and offers are open to all members.

Membership of the NMA entitles you to use the initials MNMA (Member of the Norwegian Medical Association) and to receive a subscription to the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association as a benefit of the membership. In professional matters, members have a right to individual assistance from elected representatives and/or the Association’s Secretariat. Members undertake to abide by agreements and decisions that have been made by the Association’s bodies in compliance with the bye-laws and rules of the Association.

Contact Infoemation
Adress: Postboks 1152 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo
Telephone: +47 23109000
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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