Turkish Medical Association (TTB)

General Information
The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) is the organized voice of physicians in Turkey. Some 83.000 (80%) of the country’s physicians are members of TTB. Its main income source is membership fees and it doesn’t get any aid from the government.

TTB has been founded:


  • to protect and improve the public health conditions of Turkey and work for accessible, high quality health care at convenient prices for everyone,
  • to adequately protect the morals of profession,
  • to speak out in every field of medical education,
  • to express the benefits of the medical profession in every platform,
  • and to protect the materialistic and spiritual rights of the profession and the members.

TTB is working on subjects such as providing professional discipline, investigating patient complaints and determining personal working fees.

TTB is one of the founder members of Associations of Health Profession Group (with Turkish Dental Association, Turkish Pharmacists’ Association, Turkish Veterinary Medical Association). Communication and cooperation with unions are some of the important activities of TTB.
At the international level, TTB is a member of a forum that is comprised of the World Medical Association, the Association for Medical Education in Europe and the World Health Organization and participates in its meetings as an active member.

Contact Information
Address: GMK Bulvarı Ş. Daniş Tunalıgil Sok. No: 2 / 17 - 23, Maltepe, Ankara 06570, Turkey
Telephone: +90 312 231 31 79
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Latest News

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