Archive of IFHHRO training and networking meetings




  • 27-30 October 2009
    Meeting Health as a Bridge to Peace in the Middle East - Kusadasi, Turkey
    Organisers: IFHHRO, Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, Norwegian and Turkish Medical Associations & World Medical Association    [ Meeting co-organised by IFHHRO ] 

  • 14-18 September 2009
    Global Training of Trainers: Developing Health and Human Rights Training Courses for Health Workers - De Bilt, the Netherlands

  • 23 April 2009
    Seminar Combating sexual violence and HIV/AIDS in South Africa; legal and medical perspectives

  • 31 January 2009
    One-day symposium on the Right to Health - Utrecht, the Netherlands   
    Organisers: IFHHRO, IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations) and Urios (Study Association for International and European Law) 




Latest News

  • Health professionals unethical involvement in CIA torture programme

    complicityAccording to a new report released today by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), recently declassified documents confirm that the CIA conducted experimental research to test an unsupported hypothesis that torture could break the resistance of detainees and aid interrogation. It confirms that health workers were involved in illegal and unethical experiments to define the thresholds of pain and suffering of the torture subjects.

  • USA: Drug courts fail to provide adequeate treatment to drug users

    drugaddictionIn the report Neither Justice nor Treatment, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) states that drug courts in the United States struggle to meet medical and human rights standards. According to the researchers, drug courts – designed to reduce incarceration and provide necessary treatment – routinely fail to provide adequate, medically-sound treatment for substance use disorders.